900 Percent

900 Percent is an automatic Amazon AI bidding tool. It increases revenue while optimizing ACoS. All you need to do is cut and paste your campaign’s latest placement report into the 900 Percent app.


900%™ PPC Placement Bidding App

900%™ is a seller’s front end to Amazon’s AI back end. 900%™ fully leverages the deep learning of Amazon AI to increase your sponsored products ad revenue while simultaneously lowering ACoS. There is an optimal money-making bid for every campaign placement—900%™ helps you find it.

Using 900%™ requires no training and no API. You simply cut and paste a campaign placement report into the app. 900%™ instantly returns the base bid and Top of Search and Product Pages accelerators. No API is needed. You then simply enter the accelerators and base bid value in the campaign.

How Rest of Search Pays for Your Campaign. With 900%™ there is a good chance that your Rest of Search ad revenue will pay for your total ad spend.

900%™ placement bidding is fully guided by Amazon AI. You set the ACoS target and then 900%™ determines the placement accelerators and the base bid. The Amazon AI algorithm then automatically bids within these parameters. Fully leveraging Amazon AI allows very high competitive bidding while maintaining ultra-low base bids. The result is very profitable advertising.

Amazon AI. 900%™ earns you money by leveraging Amazon AI in placement bidding. You can make money with any campaign at Top of search or Product Pages placement if you can keep base bidding appropriately low and maximally accelerate your bid when the Amazon AI-determined likelihood of a sale is high.


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 I’m a brand registered seller and manufacturer selling on Amazon for nearly 10 years. I’m in the top 10% of US Amazon sellers. I’m also a former developer of statistical software. Like most sellers I was initially confused by Amazon’s placement bidding accelerators introduced in early 2019. As I experimented with placement bidding I came to understand its great utility.

Why did Amazon develop this? I think Amazon wanted sellers to place more reliance on Amazon AI, which is extremely valuable deep learning software. With the new accelerators sellers can fully leverage Amazon AI. Not only does Amazon AI with the new accelerators make advertising more profitable for sellers it creates a better customer experience.

My guess is that Amazon also created the adjust bids by placement function to eliminate the API load—and seller expense—of bid discovery on Amazon servers by PPC bidding software. PPC bidding software is fairly crude when compared to Amazon AI.

Yet, I think most users were unable to understand how to properly use the new Amazon AI function. 900%™ is the needed front end for the indispensable Amazon AI back end.

John Patton
Founder, 900 Percent LLC