With 900%™ there is a good chance that your Rest of Search ad revenue will pay for your total ad spend. One (or both) of your Top of Search or Product Pages placement bids will always be at 900%. This forces the base bid to be as low as possible yet still be optimized. The resulting ultra low base bid makes the Rest of Search placement extremely profitable when it produces orders, as it invariably does.

Shown here is real data of the effect of a 900%™-driven campaign on Rest of Search profitability. At 100% or greater—shown on the left axis—Rest of Search ad revenue 

is greater than the total ad spend for the campaign. For this campaign Rest of Search ACoS is a low 2.8%.

900%™ is the seller’s front end to Amazon’s AI back end. There is an optimal money-making bid for every campaign placement—900%™ helps the seller find it.